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Super Sheds' wooden storage sheds are designed to be durable, exceptionally dry, attractive, and with a minimum of maintenance will last a lifetime. Available as an easily assembled kit or fully built on your lot within our central California service area.

Widths up to 16' and any length.

Three roof styles: barn (gambrel), house (gable), & lean-to shed.

Shed heights can be customized from 8' to 14' to fit your needs.

Doors are normally placed on the end of the shed and are 48" wide and either 6' or 8' high. If you choose 8' high walls, then door can be placed in the side walls and will be 38" wide and 6'-8" high.

Options include windows, extra doors, double doors, pre-hung doors, dutch doors, shelving, overhead storage, ramps, venting, framed to accept a garage door (provided by others), without floor, lift hooks (used with pump covers), covered porch, overhangs, partitions.

Constructed of tough T-111 plywood siding and 2x4 framing. Pressure treated, ground contact rated 4x4's (they won't rot) serve as skids over which the floor framing is built. Composition shingles used for roofing.

Dryness is of top priority. SuperSheds are designed to keep the air movement through the shed close to zero so the interior stays very dry. This reduces moisture related problems such as condensation, rust, and mildew.


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